Litter Patrol


It has been a number of months since I wrote an article about the Media residents who actively and regularly help keep Media Borough litter free. They are your neighbors, friends, and family members. They do this out of care and respect for Media. They go unnoticed and, too often, un-thanked. Personally, I want to thank you for, what may seem in the news of the day, a small contribution to our world and our borough. It is not a small contribution. It is an act of care, love, and hope. Care for the health of our streets and streams, love for the health of our community, and hope that others will actively participate in diminishing litter.

The borough purchased more litter sticks to give to people who feel compelled to join this august group of litter “debuggers.” You don’t need to concentrate on any particular area. When out walking with your dog, family, friends, or alone, bring this lightweight stick along, with a bag, and clean up the litter you see on the ground. Cigarette butts may require a broom and dustbin (they are the worst in many ways). It feels good and looks great!

Media is a vibrant and innovative borough. We welcome people from all over the region to our shops, businesses, and restaurants. Visitors come for our events. Many come for Delaware County services. We want to provide everyone with welcoming and beautiful experiences. So, pitch in.

Contact me and I’ll deliver your stick. Then, enjoy your walks and your efforts in being a part of keeping Media clean and safe. For more information on the negative impacts of litter, look at these authoritative sites:


Addie Ciannella, Member Environmental Advisory Council (EAC); 484.620.1218