Henry Says…Keep Your Pets Safe from Leptospirosis

Meet our April Pet of the Month Henry! Henry’s a spunky fun loving pup who loves walks around “everyone’s hometown.” He is a 12 pound Fox Terrier Pomeranian with the heart of a dog 3 times his size. He may be small but he’ll make sure you hear him!

Henry, like many other dogs, loves to adventure in the summertime. As the days start getting longer and the weather warms up, there’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors, especially with your furry friend by your side! Sunny days bring great things like walks and hikes but, unfortunately, can also bring along a few unfriendly things, including sneaky diseases like leptospirosis. Learn the many ways to keep your pet safe from Leptosirosis from the ASPCA here.