Media Zero Waste: Recycling Batteries

Media residents are celebrating all the progress made towards becoming a zero-waste town.  We recycle our plastic, paper, and metal, we compost our kitchen waste, and we drop off our sensitive papers and electronics for recycling as part of the annual Shred & E-waste event held in partnership with Nether Providence and Swarthmore.  But what about all those used batteries sitting in the drawer? 

While some states have laws regulating their disposal, Pennsylvania does not.  While alkaline and zinc carbon batteries supposedly can be safely disposed of in the trash, the EPA recommends taking them to a battery recycling center.  Lithium batteries cannot be put into the trash and must be recycled.  

So, what do we do with them?  There are several places nearby that will properly dispose of them:

Please utilize these resources to keep batteries out of the landfills.