Sign Up To Keep Media Litter Free

The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) has been in partnership with Keep Media Green (KMG) to keep Media Litter Free. Through the borough newsletter, we have asked residents to “sign up” the Media Litter Patrol. The ask has brought together a number of dedicated volunteers.

It’s not a hard ask. Once a month, adopt an area and pick up litter. The EAC provides the litter sticks. We promote your efforts in the borough’s newsletter. The best win is Media is litter free. Looks so good!

The current Media Litter Patrol folk met on a first time Zoom meeting on 2/2/2022. It was wonderful to see the faces of those involved and to share moving forward ideas. We continue to explore cost effective and ownership ways to identify participants. 

We did agree on a seasonal cleanup of Media. The first one is organized by KMG on 4/23. To sign up go here We’ll have more information on seasonal initiatives forthcoming.

You may not want to be a part of a “patrol.” Understood. Please, though, I encourage every resident in Media to clean up their block, their walk paths, any place you see litter. It makes a difference to our community, our wildlife, and our environment. See examples of two pickups below.

Task yourselves and task establishments. You can contact Jim Jeffry to task larger corporations to clean up their areas 610.566.5210 x246/

Sign up to make a difference with your neighbors. 

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Addie Ciannella (EAC Member)