Norman Says….The Truth About Pet Toxins

Norman was rescued a little over 10 years ago when I was working at La Salle University. He was hanging out around the student center one summer for the next several months. Of course all the students loved seeing him and he often would have a new collar one day, naked the next, and then he’d show up with a new one again. Turns out this guy was making friends with the students and even the vendors I brought on campus and cleaning up in regards to tuna from the food court, collars, etc. Once it got cold consistently, I ended up taking him straight to a vet clinic and he was completely clean and healthy- just a bit underweight! He’s been with his owner ever since.

Norman loves to watch TV- especially the Food Network, basketball, football and Blue Bloods. He loves to nap, share my food, especially Mexican food, or anything with tomatoes or meat (preferably chicken). He of course loves to nap and is a total flirt with the ladies. He enjoys watching me cook or fix things around the house. I swear he’s an old man in a cat suit! He’s definitely a happy cat who enjoys relaxing and looking out the window too. Quite the lucky guy who went from skinny and living in the city to “plump” and happy in the burbs.

Because Norman loves lounging around, he wants to remind owners of the truths about common pet toxins. With so much information about pet toxins out there, it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not. Can milk really stop your pet from being poisoned? Does burnt toast really absorb toxins? Luckily, the ASPCA Animals Poison Control Center (APCC) has all the information you need to help you stay informed, and steer clear of confusing myths! Check out the graphic below to find out if it’s a fact or a myth.