Meet Our New Borough Council Members!

At the Media Borough Reorganization Meeting on January 3, 2022, Media Borough appointed three new Council members to Borough Council. Media Borough is excited to welcome Mark Paikoff, Joi Washington and Elizabeth Romaine to Council. Each of Media Borough’s new council members are excited to contribute to “Everybody’s Hometown” in a new exciting way. 


Mark has been a long time Media resident since 1997 when his teaching job at Rose Tree Media School District introduced him to Media. Working in the borough inspired him to become a resident and to raise his family in Media. Currently a school teacher in the District of Philadelphia, he was inspired to join Borough Council after volunteering for the general election in 2020. 

“I have always had a political interest and just seeing how I could help people. It is my way of giving back” says Mark. 

Mark wants to spend this first year getting to know how the borough operates, focusing on how to help the borough continue to grow while maintaining a hometown feel. He particularly wants to focus on coming out of the COVID pandemic stronger and keeping the community safe.

Mark wants residents to know that he looks forward to hearing from the community. Taking everyone and everything into consideration, he looks forward to hearing from as many people as possible in order to better understand different viewpoints residents might have .

Currently Mark serves as a member of the Community Development Committee and is liaison to the Environmental Advisory Council.

“I am looking forward to getting to know people and being a part of solutions. I want to keep Media as wonderful as it is.”


Photo Credit Ralph Nardell

Joi has been a Media resident since September of 2013 when a long commute to her job in the Borough convinced her to move to everybody’s hometown. Working in graphic design and tax form design, she started volunteering for local campaigns which led to her decision to join Borough Council so that she can contribute in other ways to the community.

Joi is especially interested in pedestrian safety in the Borough. Because Media is so attractive to visitors and homeowners for it’s walkability, Joi wants to keep that a special priority. “During my time on Council, I want to help find solutions on how to get people to be more aware of pedestrian safety.”

Most importantly, Joi wants residents to know that everyone has a voice. She wants to make sure pedestrians, renters, homeowners and business owners all are included in the Borough’s future plans. In addition, Joi encourages residents to vote. Every year is election year and she hopes to encourage residents to participate in this opportunity. 

Currently Ms. Washington chairs the Personnel Committee and is a member of the Properties and Public Works Committee and the Public Safety Committee.

“I would like Media residents to know that they have a voice in our local community and government. I encourage you to contact Borough Council more. We are approachable and we just have to know what is on your mind to make it better.” 


Liz has had an affinity for everybody’s hometown since she was a child. Growing up in nearby Aston, Liz’s father worked in Media where she fondly remembers visiting the restaurants and theatre as a kid, so when she returned from college, she decided it was exactly where she wanted to reside. She has now lived in the Borough for over 12 years and wants to use her new position on Council to build on the unique experience of living, working, and visiting Media.

Liz became interested in Borough Council while serving as a poll worker in the 2020 general election. While volunteering with voter education and voter rights organizations, she asked herself how she could show up more fully in support of her community and she was connected with the idea of running for Council.

Liz has worked in the retail and consumer space for over 20 years. She is a vice president at a marketing and communication agency and teaches communications classes at local universities part-time as an adjunct professor. Because of this background, one of her top interests is working with local businesses and driving economic development. She is now the Council liaison to the Media Business Authority, a member of the Finance Committee and serves as Borough Council Vice President. She finds there are many interesting issues and opportunities to learn from these new positions. 

“It has been really fun meeting with residents and fascinating to dive in and learn all of these different aspects about our town. I’m thrilled to be working on behalf of our community and am excited to help us balance all of the Borough’s priorities.”

Liz hopes that Media residents feel comfortable asking questions and sharing concerns with any members of Council. She wants to emphasize that the Borough Council and staff are always open to hearing residents’ concerns or questions.

“I encourage people to ask questions and speak with us. There is a fantastic staff at Borough Hall that is incredibly knowledgeable. I am very proud to be working with them, and alongside our residents.”

Media Borough welcomes our new council members. Their dedication to Media Borough and their willingness to serve will benefit everyone who lives, visits or does business in the borough.