Media Zero Waste

“We don’t need a handful of people doing Zero Waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” –Anne-Marie Bonneau, Zero Waste Chef

The Media Recycles Team

The Year in Review

Media Borough moved a long way toward Zero Waste (a goal we can only move toward, but never finally reach). Many thanks to borough residents for all you did to make it happen!!!  Together, we:

  • Expanded our Food Waste Collection Pilot into “Curbside Compost,” a borough-wide program that collects yard waste and food waste weekly from every household to be composted at a farm only 4 miles away.  Program participants have doubled in number since July, and we expect the program to grow even more in 2023. The program can potentially divert 18% of the Borough’s residential waste from the incinerator.
  • Check out our new Compost Truck:  Now Public Works will be able to pick up food scraps and yard waste even more efficiently & effectively.
  • Produced Gotta Getta Bucket, a Media-friendly video featuring borough resident actors showing how to compost food scraps.
  • Purchased 45-gallon wheeled bins for residents whose recycling stream has surpassed their trash stream.
  • Borough Council passed Resolution #2021-20, urging Delaware County to end its contract with the Covanta incinerator in Chester and begin a transition to Zero Waste.
  • The Media Borough Environmental Advisory Council asked Borough Council to consider passing a plastic bag ban ordinance. The ordinance is currently under consideration.

Exciting times to be a Zero Waster!

And lest auld acquaintance be forgot, this column presents a summary of the Best Zero Waste Tips of 2021, based on the 4 R’s:


  • Toothpaste tablets, instead of plastic tubes
  • Laundry strips, sold in flat cardboard boxes instead of heavy plastic single-use bottles.
  • Shampoo bars, also sold in small cardboard boxes.

Reduce reliance on difficult-to-renew sources:

  • Toilet paper and tissue from bamboo—a quick-growing, easy to cultivate plant that saves forests. You can purchase them on Amazon with no plastic packing by prefacing your search with the words, “Zero Waste.”


Recycle:  In addition to the borough recycling program, donate those hard-to recycle items to: 

  • The Media Free Store, First United Methodist Church, 350 W State Street. 
  • Green Drop, 350 W State Street.
  • Or, advertise them on social media sites like:
  • Nextdoor Media 
  • Facebook Marketplace