Media Police Eric Gavin Promoted to Sergeant

Sergeant Gavin is no stranger to the Media Borough Police Department. With his experience as a Sergeant in the army, Commander of the SWAT team, and working for the Media Borough Police Force for the past 27 years, Sergeant Gavin is excited to take on a new role after recently being sworn in as Sergeant with the  Media Borough Police Force. 

Sergeant Gavin joined the Media Borough Police Department as a result of a run in with an old friend. After leaving the army where he was a Sergeant, Gavin was looking for his next opportunity when he ran into a friend who had recently just joined the police force. This sparked his interest and he received his police officer certification in Delaware County in 1994.

For ten years now, Sergeant Gavin has been the Tactical Commander for the SWAT team from Radnor to Aston. As the Commander of 40 police officers from 14 departments, becoming a Sergeant here in Media feels familiar to him.

Sergeant Gavin finds that his favorite part about being a part of the Police Force is helping the residents of Media. A problem solver by nature, he finds that being able to find a solution to a problem is a big motivator for the job. “Giving some people some solace or peace temporarily, that is what the win is for me.” 

Having been in the Media Borough Police Force now for 27 years, Sergeant Gavin knows the ins and outs of the force and believes that the residents are lucky to have such a great group of officers working for them. 

“The police officers in Media are truly a dedicated bunch of people that are there to provide the best service that is possible. You are not going to get a better police department that is all local and has kids in the school district and shops local too.”
Also local, Sergeant Gavin currently resides in Upper Providence Township with his wife, 2 daughters and son. We are excited to welcome Sergeant Gavin to his new role on the Media Borough Police Force. Congratulations Sergeant Gavin!