A Call Went Out to Clean up Media and YOU Answered the Call

Have you noticed how Media is looking brighter and cleaner? Yes, the beautiful colors of spring brighten our wonderful borough.  However, that is not the only reason. The more than 20 individuals (some include families) who answered the call to combat accumulating litter are to be praised for their dedication to picking up litter on a regular basis. Thank you!

The EAC and KMG partnered to encourage residents to adopt areas throughout the borough to “clean” on a monthly basis. We are so very pleased with the response. Those who signed on agreed to make a monthly commitment to their adopted portion of Media. Civic pride outweighed the free litter stick!

So, when you walk around the borough, make sure to notice the brighter and cleaner difference from a month ago. 

If you are interested in being a part of this endeavor, email Addie Ciannella (acianc@verizon.net).

We want all involved to be safe. Please wear gloves and masks, use rakes and brooms to gather litter into bags. The EAC will supply you with litter pick-up sticks.

Together we can keep Media litter free. Thank you.