Parking in Media Borough: Changes to Parking Fees and Updates

Media Borough parking fees have always been a bargain! At 50 cents an hour, our parking fees have not been increased in many years and parking is much lower than in comparable towns. With the installation and maintenance of the parking kiosks and Passport Parking services, Media Borough is providing an easier way for residents and visitors to park in Media, but there are costs associated with these systems. Beginning on July 1st, the hourly rate for parking will increase from $.50 per hour to $1.00 per hour and parking ticket fees will increase to a flat rate of $25 per ticket and the enforcement will be across the board from Monday through Saturday in all zones.

These small increases in our parking fees will allow the borough to cover costs associated with the kiosks and keep our parking affordable and easy to use. The new parking fees will now be in line with peer communities like West Chester and Doylestown boroughs. 

Recent Parking Improvements

In August of 2019 Media Borough began the installation of kiosks within the borough to replace the outdated meters. These kiosks utilize pay-by-license plate.  That means in order to park, you need to input the vehicle’s license plate into the kiosks and select the amount of parking time.  In addition, the kiosks provide the capability for vehicle owners to pay by debit/credit card to park.

Passport Parking App – A convenient way to pay!

In conjunction with the kiosks, Media Borough launched Passport Parking, an easy-to-use mobile app that can be used to pay for parking.  The app provides drivers in Media a mobile payment option for parking spots throughout the borough.

Using Passport Parking is simple; users download the free app on their phone or device, enter payment information, zone number and license plate number, and start their parking session.  Once a session is started, users will be notified before their session ends, and can easily add more time from their smartphone without having to return to their vehicle.  The app also houses information on previous parking sessions and receipts.

Drivers can download the free Passport Parking app from the App Store and Google Play or manage their parking online at

Parking Permit Holders

Passport has also overhauled Media’s parking permit system.  Instead of applying for a physical permit in-person, drivers are able to purchase digital permits online.  Monthly, quarterly and annual cycles for General and Residential Meter permits are available on the new system.

Permits are available for purchase at