Emma Says…Top Ten Male and Female Pet Names of 2020

Meet our pet of the month, Emma! Emma is a cute and loving dog who loves to cuddle, follow you around, and beg for treats. She makes sure the neighbors know she is here and is always protecting us! She sleeps with her stuffed animal babies every night! When you tell her it’s bedtime she gets her babies and carries them to bed. Emma’s family loves her!

Emma has done some research lately thanks to the ASPCA to help new pet owners pick a wonderful name! Throughout 2020, the veterinarians at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) helped over 370,590 animals. During this time, they kept records of each and every case and at the end of the year, rounded up the records and pulled together both the top 10 male and female pet names they received calls about in 2020. See if your pet’s name made the rankings below!