Let’s All Spring Clean Media (and keep it clean and litter free)

It’s been a long year and a cold winter but Spring is in the air. The snow has mostly melted, bulbs are appearing, trees are budding, and gardens are being prepared for planting. All very uplifting. 

Some areas of Media though are looking rather ragtag because of litter. The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) has partnered with Keep Media Green (KMG) to combat litter on a regular basis and we’d like all of our community citizens and shop keepers to be involved in the effort.

Here’s the plan:

  • We’d like groups of individuals (family members, friends, organizations) to agree to clean up litter in an area of Media on a monthly basis. 
  • The group will designate one person to be “captain.”
  • The captain will communicate with EAC member Addie Ciannella via email: acianc@verizon.net
    • The captain will let Addie know who is on the team
    • Which block/blocks or area the team is going to agree to keep litter free
    • How often the team will clean the site (suggested is monthly)
    • Send before and after photos

Members of KMG have agreed to clean the following areas: Barrall Field, Borough owned lot at 854 N. Providence Rd., County Court House grounds, Houtman Park, Jaisohn Park, Media Elementary School grounds, Media Municipal Center, Media Station tract, Old Quaker Burial Ground on N. Providence Rd., and the Strine tract

Suggested areas for litter patrol:

  • Gayley Shopping Center on Baltimore Ave
  • CVS site
  • Court Diner and BVM school along Edgemont Street
  • Manchester Ave.
  • Sunoco Station
  • Dunkin Donuts

We want all involved to be safe. Please wear gloves and masks, use rakes and brooms to gather litter into bags. The EAC will supply you with litter pick-up sticks.

Please email Addie Ciannella (acianc@verizon.net) to let her know who, where, and when.

Together we can keep Media litter free. Thank you.

Thanks to the Smith Family for cleaning up litter in the borough!