Kenzie Says…Foods You Can Safely Share With Your Pet

Meet our pet of the month Kenzie! Kenzie goes by many names (Kenni, noodle, Lady Kenzington, etc.)! She is a senior tripod German-Shepard/pit bull mix who’s been living in media with her adoptive family for 5 years after being airlifted from a kill shelter in Florida! She suffered from sarcoma in her front left leg, and sadly had to  amputate it to remain mobile and pain-free. However this has not kept Kenzie from running around her favorite parks, swimming in her favorite creeks, and taking many trips to the beach! She is incredibly loved by her mom, dad, and big sister and brother! Kenzie is know for her gentle-giant disposition and her dazzling smile. Follow her on Instagram at @kennisbeautifulworld!

Kenzie like all dogs loves food; however, wants to remind owners that there are only certain foods that owners should be sharing with their pets. So how do you know what is safe to give to your pet when you want to give them a treat from your plate? There’s a lot of information regarding what’s safe and what’s not. So, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) wanted to simplify it a bit by sharing a couple of guidelines that will help you share the right food with your four-legged friends. See the chart below for more information or you can read their guidelines here!