Barley Says…Tips For Adopting During a Pandemic

Barley is a mixed breed dog (aka mutt) but she’s the best looking mutt we know. She can usually be spotted taking her family on a long slow stroll around Barral Park and 2nd Street to Manchester Ave. she used to love to walk up to town with her brother Tucker before he passed away and she got too old for long distances. Most days she can be found enjoying the front porch of his owner’s house watching the world go by.

Barley wants to remind owners and future pet owners that despite the constant grim news throughout 2020, one bright spot was that many families chose to adopt or foster a pet this year. The ASPCA reported an increased interest in fostering animals in need and many shelters across the country have experienced more people looking to adopt animals as well. But in the middle of all this puppy fever, shelters and rescues aren’t the only ones reporting more families coming to them looking for a pet. Many are turning to pet stores and online sellers. Pet stores and online sellers might have cruel practices such as buying from puppy mills that prioritize profit above their animals. If you are looking to get a new furry friend during these hard times consider adopting from local shelters that are still following effective protocols to ensure pets match their adopters’ lifestyles, even when their guardians return to a post-pandemic schedule. Click here to learn more.