Penelope Says….Gifts For Your Animal Lover Friends!

Meet our pet of the month Penelope! Penelope has been a Media resident her whole life. She appreciates all the water bowls throughout town. Her favorite was in front of Fergie’s Salon but now she hydrates at Plum street Mall. She is the sweetest little girl, even in her old age. Penelope has many nicknames, Princess Buttercup, Penne, Nelly, and Shark. She circles her prey, plotting, and hunting any and all edible items that her little hound nose can track from cookie crumbs to salami sandwiches. Aside from snacking, her favorite downtime is sitting on the windowsill, alerting us of all other pups in the area as she monitors Media.

Penelope loves snacks as gifts but she has several ideas for Santa to bring her this year and other ideas for pet lovers alike. As the holidays fast approach, you may be in a giving mood. And what better way to let your family and friends know that you’re thinking about them, than with an adorable gift that could benefit animals in need! If you’ve got an animal lover in your life, check out the ASPCA’s latest holiday gift guide here.