November 2020: 5th and Broomall Park Update

Media Borough is proud to implement the 5th and Broomall Park Improvements, a project partially funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, to preserve open space and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Borough Council awarded the construction to Albert G. Cipolloni Jr. & Sons, Inc. The park was designed by landscape architect NV5, working collaboratively with the 5th & Broomall Neighborhood Park Committee. Plans for the park may be viewed on the Borough website at:

We have met with the contractor both on site and in office to finalize the high expectations of the Borough.  Construction in the area will commence no sooner than December 1, 2020 and may continue to May 31, 2021.  The Borough Code limits construction activity each day.  It may begin as early as 7:00 AM (Monday-Saturday) and will end by 6:00 PM.  The bulk of construction will take place during the winter, with a pause until the spring growing season permits the installation of final landscaping and greenery.

Although there are no planned road closures, and the contractor has been made aware that pedestrian and vehicular access is required to remain open, please be mindful of the movement of construction vehicles during the initial mobilization process.  The contractor is also required to keep the site and streets in a clean and mud-free condition.  Some parking may be restricted at the site of the “construction entrance” at the eastern edge of Broomall Street on 5th Street (the northwest corner of the site).

We understand that you may experience inconvenience during the construction period, and we hope to work together with you in a professional and amicable manner for the long-term improvement of your neighborhood.

If you have any questions regarding this notice or the park construction project, feel free to contact Kevin Matson, Media Borough Engineer at 610-513-7220 or

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project.