Media Borough Dog Waste Station Changes

While walking your favorite furry family member in Media Borough, you may have noticed that the dog waste stations were removed recently and replaced with trash receptacles. Media Borough loves our furry friends and we also love our residents and their commitment to a litter free environment in the borough.

Within the past few months household waste has increased as more residents work from home. We are also out walking our dogs more often. Although Media Borough residents are extremely conscientious about littering; takeout containers, discarded masks and other trash can be seen while walking around the borough. The new standard waste receptacles will help alleviate littering within the borough, provide an easier spot to dispose of dog waste and should prevent trash overflow, making it easier on our sanitation crews to collect. Wherever you were accustomed to seeing a dog waste station, there is a trash receptacle in its place providing residents with a larger container to dispose of trash throughout the borough and not just within the business district where receptacles have always been in use.

Media Borough Public Works will continue to monitor dog waste disposal within the borough and may adjust the plan accordingly.

Please let us know your thoughts on alleviating trash and dog waste within your borough neighborhood. You may contact the borough at