Meet the Mayor!

A fixture in the Borough of Media, Mayor Bob McMahon has served the borough for 39 years. Elected to the borough council in 1981, Bob served as Public Safety Chair for eight years and two years as the Finance Chair.  On February 18th, 1992 Bob took the helm as Mayor and hasn’t looked back since. 

Over the years Mayor McMahon has faced many challenges and welcomes them. He sees them as opportunities to improve the lives of Media’s citizens. When first elected to the Mayor’s office the iconic Media Theater was to be demolished and Media’s walkable elementary school to be closed. Bob saw the long term value in both. Working closely with borough council, he and the council were able to save both. The award-winning theater continues to thrive providing entertainment and education as well with classes for both children and adults.  The elementary school continues to provide a great education within walking distance of its citizens. 

The Mayor sees himself as part of a team consisting of borough council, business owners and neighbors. He keeps this in mind as he cultivates continued growth for Media’s business district while maintaining Media’s hometown feel.  A Media favorite, Dining Under the Stars, has become the summer weekly event that brings thousands to State Street Wednesday evenings from the beginning of May to the end of September making Media a destination spot for neighboring communities.

COVID-19 has presented the Mayor and council with a new set of challenges. He and the council follow the numbers daily, and remain at the ready to make the decisions that keep Media’s citizens safe. “It’s a fine line – keeping businesses open and citizens safe.” When outdoor dining returned to Delaware County, local restaurants already participating in Dining Under the Stars were able to pivot from Wednesday nights to both Wednesday and Thursdays. However, retail businesses have their own set of challenges. He and the council continue to work to provide support and ideas to local retail to help them survive during the ongoing pandemic. 

Recently the Mayor presented the “Korean American Citizenship Day” resolution at the reopening of the historic Philip Jaesohn Memorial House. Learning the significant role that Dr. Jaesohn and the Borough of Media played in the forming of an independent Korea, Bob worked with the Philip Jaesohn Memorial Foundation to restore the historic residence. At the opening ceremony Mayor McMahon received the Republic of Korea Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Appreciation Award presented by Ambassador Won-Sam Chang, Consul General in New York.  Please see the slideshow below for pictures from the ceremony.

Mayor McMahon, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the U.S. Veterans Legacy Project. Their mission is to provide a platform for our veterans to pass on their legacy to younger generations by sharing their first person accounts of what it is like to serve this great country.  

Mayor McMahon resides in Media and has three children – sons Rob and Mark and daughter Vicki – and four grandchildren – Connor, Andrew, Megan and Patrick.