Borough Receives Grant to Rehabilitate Plum Street Mall

Media Borough received a grant for $250,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to rehabilitate the middle block of Plum Street Mall into a lovely downtown green space, with ADA facilities and infiltrative stormwater features.  

Starting in 2015, the borough partnered with the Media Arts Council to hold a series of community stakeholder meetings to develop ideas for a creative placemaking project.  

The group agreed on three basic needs that could be met by such a project:  

  • The need for more public gathering spaces, where people can meet and interact on a casual friendly basis
  • The need for more parks and green space
  • The need for places for public art

The chosen project was a creative redesign of Plum Street Mall; located in the middle of downtown, it has great potential to become a green central square.  

Some of the ideas expressed by the group included:

  • Incorporate trees, planting beds, trellises, perennial flowers in an artful and inviting environmental design
  • Create a friendly meeting place to promote social interaction in the Borough, with thoughtfully placed seating and tables
  • Redesign the mall to facilitate pedestrian flow 
  • Integrate water, lighting and shade elements into the design
  • Maintain a small multi-use open space for music and performances.  
  • Include space for public art projects

In fall of 2016, the Borough posted a survey on its website to solicit opinions from the public on these ideas and to open the project to new thoughts.  The survey allowed us to see which of these elements were of most importance to residents.  The goals and feedback that emerged from the stakeholder meetings and survey were forwarded to our project landscape architect, who based a preliminary design for the mall/park on them.  This preliminary design is posted on the borough website.  

The DCNR grant allows us to proceed with final design for the middle block of the mall/park and implementation over the next 2 years.  Designs for the north and south blocks of the mall will be developed in future phases of the project, and community involvement will continue to be an important part of the planning.  

Stay tuned for more news on Plum Street.  Please forward any questions or comments on the preliminary design to Karen Taussig-Lux at