You Will Be Missed, Jeff Smith!

After serving Media for two decades, Borough Manager Jeff Smith has decided to resign. Members of Borough Council and staff all wish him well as he and his family make their transition to Florida.

Borough Council President Brian Hall expressed his gratitude for all that Smith has done for the borough. “Jeff has always had the borough’s best interest in mind, always. His heart has been in this community. He was always there…through the ups and the downs…with the information that was needed and ready to lead by example,” remarked Hall.

During Smith’s tenure, Media went through some extraordinary changes. “It was a wonderful place to live when Jeff started,” said Hall. “Now it is a wonderful place to live and work with a national reputation.”

“Jeff will be deeply missed, but I am confident that we will be able to attract a terrific new Borough Manager because we are a thriving municipality,” Hall observed. “And that is just one more thing that I am grateful to Jeff for. Thank you for everything that you did while you were here and the amazing foundations you are leaving behind.”