Fond Farewell to Public Works Director, Ralph DeRosa

Ralph DeRosa has been a fixture in Media Borough for four decades and many thought he might continue in his role of Public Work Director forever. But DeRosa recently announced his retirement and will be leaving the borough to spend time with family and enjoy his hobbies.

“Ralph has been a rock for the borough,” said Borough Council President Brian Hall. “He was always the first to show up when a tree was down. He was the first one up on snow days, putting on the coffee for the crew.”

“He is the easiest person to work with,” said Marianne States of the Administration Department. “He always knows exactly what to do and how to get it done. And does he have the right connections…I want his phone because it’s got everyone in there!”

Hall and States each expressed their gratitude for the man who never required recognition. “The word ‘no’ is not in Ralph’s dictionary,” said States. “He is known for being the one who will help. We will miss having him here, but are so happy for him.”

“I’m really glad that after years of doing so much for many other people, Ralph is doing something good for himself,” said Hall. “We will miss Ralph greatly and thank him for all that he has done.”