Media Borough Environmental Advisory Council

Meet the Mighty Media EAC

The Media Environmental Advisory Council is a small group with big ideas. Made up of seven members, the Council (or the “EAC” as they are colloquially called) strives to make recommendations and take actions that move the Borough towards some lofty goals. 

The EAC recently articulated its Guiding Principles to steer their work:

  1. Carbon neutrality
  2. Zero waste
  3. Total stormwater infiltration
  4. Universal access to sustainable transportation
  5. Complete integration of land use to both meet human needs and sustain ecosystems
  6. Environmental education and outreach to the entire community

Committee member Walt Cressler explains that, fortunately, the EAC has sub-committees that include others related to each of the principles to help make things happen.

“All of these guiding principles are important to us, but right now there is a lot of momentum behind what we’re doing around zero waste. We’re partnering with Transition Town Media on revisiting all recycling and waste programs within the borough. We’re seeing a lot of interest and traction on this topic right now,” says Cressler.

To learn more about the EAC and its programs, click here.