Coronavirus Safety Tips

RozMeet our Pet of the Month Roz! Roz is named after the female scientist who discovered the double helix, Rosalind Franklin. She has enough energy to last for days, but when she’s ready for a nap she will jump right into your lap and curl into a ball. Roz loves to play fetch, eat bones, hide bones from other dogs, and run sprints around the apartment – I call it zoomies – she’s just so fast! The most recent trick she’s learned is speak, but she will also shake, sit, high five, lay down, and army crawl. Sometimes Roz will even hold your hand when you pet her in just the right spot. Roz prances around Media in her festive red winter coat and she is very friendly, so be sure to say hello!

Roz wants to remind pet owners that with the dangers of Coronavirus, it is also important to take care of your pets. There are several resources available. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center remains open for calls from pet parents regarding pets who may have ingested toxic substances. 

The ASPCA has also gathered frequently asked questions around the coronavirus and companion animal safety, which will continue to be updated with new information as it is received.

There is no current evidence that suggests the coronavirus can be transmitted to or from companion animals. The best place for people and their pets is at home, together.