Open Space Plan—the Future of Parks & Recreation in Media

In 2020, Media Borough, with the help of a group of resident volunteers, will undergo an open space, parks and recreation planning process.  

In the resident survey done for the Media Borough 2015 Comprehensive Plan, the desire for open space and parks emerged as one of the most important issues affecting quality of life in the borough.  A large percentage of respondents found the lack of green space to be one of the biggest obstacles to the future growth of the borough. The priority of expanding and enhancing open space in the Borough was echoed in the Comprehensive Plan’s Focus Groups and Community Meetings; the Plan lists 19 recommendations regarding the support, development and rehabilitation of parks in the borough.

Working against residents’ wish for green, recreational space, Media is a densely developed, paved-over urban municipality, with few parks and little remaining open space to serve the recreation needs of its residents.  For this reason, Borough Council felt an urgency to explore the possibilities for adding to Media’s public-owned open space.  

Ten residents answered the call (September and October Newsletters) to volunteer for the project Steering Committee, joining representatives from seven borough-affiliated boards and commissions and council members Peter Williamson, Amy Johnson and Kevin Boyer.  The committee will work under the guidance of the selected project consultant, Toole Recreation.  Ann Toole describes her team as ”visionary yet practical.”  They have won national, state, regional, county and municipal awards for their work by digging into the unique needs of each community they serve and providing “implementable, sustainable and innovative outcomes.”  We are very happy to have them on board.

The borough recently received funding from the Delco Green Ways, the Delaware County Open Space and Recreation Municipal Grant Program in support of the project.