Meet the Public Works Director: Mike Green

633035f5-83dd-4ae4-9aae-6cf189e44dbeUpdated 3/12/2021

The Public Works Department provides many services to Media Borough including twice weekly trash removal, monthly bulk trash pick-up, snow removal, fall and winter leaf pick-up, sign installation, landscaping of Borough-owned property, and various other tasks. Mike Green has worked for the Public Works Department for 15 years and finds that, in Media, there is never a dull moment as a public works employee.

A Wallingford native, Mike is familiar with the Delaware County area. For his first eight years as a public works employee, he worked part time while attending school. As a full time employee for the past seven years, he now resides right next to the borough, in Upper Providence. 

A day in the life of Mike Green involves not only helping the township, but solving everyday issues for borough residents. Much of the department’s work is trash related, as the borough attracts many visitors as a county seat and dining/shopping destination. Residential issues can range from potholes to waste to street painting. 

Mike explains that his favorite part of being a Public Works employee in Media is that there is always something to do. “There is never a boring moment, [the job] involves a little bit of everything. A lot of public works jobs are road maintenance, but in Media you can be doing anything…such as Christmas decorations,” he says. The Public Works Department helps decorate all of the light poles on State Street and Plum Street. They work hard to bring the holiday spirit to Media! 

For all that the Public Works Department does to help the borough and its residents, the team is quite small. There are only 11 public works employees in Media – three in sanitation and eight in the highway department. Given their large amount of work to handle, Mike encourages residents to have patience with the department. “Everybody has their issue but there are only 11 of us  and we are always doing something. We will get to your issue but it might not be that day,” he explains. Residents are encouraged to contact the Public Works Department with any issues they have by emailing Marianne States at Requests are sometimes received through social networks as well, such as the Media Borough Facebook page.