Best For Your Dog—Best For Us All

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Is it just me, or are there more and more dogs in Media?

It seems like every day on our walks, my dog and I meet a new four-legged friend.  When we stop and talk, so many of their owners are delighted and proud to have adopted them from the Providence Animal Center and other dog rescue organizations.   Others share the joy of their attachment to a particular breed.

Nearly 50% of US households own a dog, says the latest National Pet Owners Survey.  If those statistics hold for Media that would come to about 1,100 dogs in our borough.  Could there be that many dogs in Media?

You would think that many dogs would leave their mark on borough lawns, parks and sidewalk strips.  An average dog produces approximately 0.75 pounds of fecal matter each day; if we truly have that many dogs in Media, that would amount to over 300,000 pounds of dog poop annually.  Where does the poop go?  Some owners dispose in public trash bins, some have a special bin in their yard or on their porch and transfer it to their weekly trash pickup.  I even know of a woman who flushes it down the toilet!!!

Not a pleasant topic of conversation, to be sure.  But proper disposal of dog poop is critical to public and environmental health—especially the health of our drinking water.  Click here for more information.

Over the 20 years I have lived here I have seen less and less dog mess left behind.  It seems as though the more people learn about dogs and their needs for love and care, the more aware they are of their dogs’ impact on the community.  As if, care for canines somehow translates to concern for and appreciation of the sensibilities of our neighbors.  Media Borough thanks you for your conscientious disposal of dog waste!  

Media Borough provides dog waste bags in dispensers throughout the borough.  In the coming months we are adding additional stations.  Some will have trash bins nearby, some will not.  Thank you, Media Residents, for doing the right thing by picking up after your dog and finding appropriate ways to dispense of their waste!

We own dogs for many reasons:  we love them, they relieve stress and depression, they are warm, affectionate companions, they make us laugh.  What are your reasons for owning a dog?