Fuzzball Says: Pet Licensing Reminder

Pennsylvania state law requires that dog owners obtain an annual or lifetime license for any dogs three months and older. Failure to license a dog is a summary offense that can result in a maximum fine of $300 per unlicensed dog. State law also requires that dogs maintain current rabies vaccinations. The state fees for an annual or lifetime license are listed below:

  • Annual, spayed/neutered: $6.50
  • Annual, unspayed/unneutered: $8.50
  • Lifetime, spayed/neutered: $31.50
  • Lifetime, unspayed/unneutered: $51.50

Discounts are available to individuals 65 and older and people with disabilities. In addition to being a legal requirement, a license is the best way to get a lost pup back to your home, as the license helps animal shelters and Animal Control identify your dog and return her safely. For your convenience, Delaware County now offers four methods to purchase your dog license:

  1. Complete application and pay online with a credit card or PayPal
  2. Complete application online, print and mail payment
  3. Print a blank application form (in PDF), complete it and mail it with your payment. Send your application and check/money order (no cash) to: Treasurer, County of Delaware, Government Center Bldg, Ground Floor/ Attn. License Department/ 201 W. Front Street Media, PA 19063

If your dog is tattooed or microchipped, you can apply for a lifetime license. If applying for a lifetime license, two forms must be completed. The dog owner must fill out one form, and a veterinarian must fill out another. The vet’s form will ask for the following information:

  • Microchip number
  • Name of the person chipping or scanning
  • Identify either “implanting” or “scanning”
  • Vet’s license number
  • A signature and date from the veterinarian

All checks should be made out to “Delaware County Treasurer”.  For more information click here.