Media Launches Traffic Calming Plan

Have you ever wondered how to safely cross Providence Road between Front Street and Five Points? Have you ever seen a car roll through a stop sign at an intersection you are trying to cross? Have you ever had a case of nerves at the speed or density of traffic along a street where your child is playing on the sidewalk?

Media Borough Council is addressing these issues and more in its first ever Traffic Calming Plan. The borough has hired engineering firm Traffic Planning and Design to work with borough staff, officials and residents to create a plan that will increase safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.  The project will draw upon existing reports, studies and local and regional plans and will include public meetings, collection of data, and observation of how travelers move through the borough

The first Public Meeting for the project will take place on XXXX November XX, 6:30 pm in the second floor Conference Room, Media Borough Hall, 301 N. Jackson Street.

Specific project goals include:

  • create safe and attractive streets for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists;
  • make streets more accessible to people of all ages and abilities;
  • reduce the negative effects of motor vehicles on the environment;
  • mitigate the negative impacts of heavy traffic on pedestrians
  • improve the perception of safety on Media streets;
  • enhance the livability of Media Borough.

The consultants will look at problems such as:

  • speeding motor vehicles
  • roll through stops
  • cut-through traffic volume
  • collisions—both frequency and severity
  • distracted drivers, including cell phone use
  • jay walking
  • traffic queues
  • double-parked delivery vehicles
  • poor visibility

What are your concerns about traffic safety?  As a driver?  As a pedestrian?  As a bicyclist?  Let the borough know by coming to the Public Meeting and by accessing the project’s Interactive Map.  On this map you can pinpoint problem areas and routes and leave detailed comments about them.  You can even I.D. areas where you think traffic works well.  If you have any problems using the Interactive Map call 610-566-5210, ext. 239.

Traffic Calming Interactive Map
Add your thoughts and concerns about traffic safety in the Borough to the Traffic Calming Project Interactive Map!