Historical Media Borough House

Guess the Media Borough Historic Landmark

How well do you know the historic buildings of our borough?  See how many clues it takes for you to guess the historic landmark described below!

  • This is the oldest standing house in Media. 
  • It has served not only as a residence but also as a blacksmith and leather goods shop (where legend has it that General Lafayette stopped in for a new saddle during the Revolutionary War).
  • It was home to a formerly enslaved family that escaped via the Underground Railroad and reunited in Media.
  • It was the birthplace of William H. Ridley, the first African American attorney in Delaware County.
  • In the early 1970s there was a rumor that it would be demolished to construct a new office building, but Media Elementary teachers launched their students on a letter-writing campaign to “spare that house!”
  • Today it is the home of the Media Historical Society.
  • It is located at the northwest corner of East Front Street and Providence Road.

If you guessed the Minshall House, congratulations!  To learn more about this historic home, visit the Media Historical Society in the Minshall House or online at http://mediahistoricalsociety.org/ or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @mediahistoricalsociety.