Trash and Recycling on State Street

Media is a “Green” town(!) with residents and municipal staff committed to doing their part in aid of the environment.

To minimize waste and keep borough streets tidy, Media Borough has added a number of recycling bins along State Street over the past few years. The size of the containers has increased as well to accommodate the increase in traffic to (and subsequent waste from) our local dining establishments and shops. The recycling receptacles are clearly marked with their intended purpose as are those barrels intended for non-recyclable items. However, even with clear labeling, sometimes residents and visitors in a hurry don’t notice the distinction. It is incredibly important to take a moment to discard disposables correctly as effective separation of waste ensures that less of it finds its way to landfills. Media is asking its residents and visitors to play a starring role in this initiative. Remember to think twice before adding something to a bin on State Street and don’t be shy about encouraging others to be active and thoughtful State Street recyclers. 

Important Notes

  • Recycling bins can be found next to trash bins
  • Bins are clearly marked
  • Please take a moment to make sure you are disposing responsibly
  • Help keep Media green by encouraging others to do the same