Media Walk of Fame: A Piece of History in Your Backyard!

If ever you have visited the Media Borough Administration building for a borough meeting, or just to  pop in to say hi to our friendly borough staff, you most likely have walked over several pieces of history of Media. When entering the Borough Hall parking lot, on the corner of 4th and Jackson St sits the Media Borough Walk of Fame.

Created in 1995, the Walk of Fame is dedicated to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the quality of life in Media. The original committee for the Walk of Fame included Helen Loughran, Margery Glenn, Jane Rowland and Margaret Snear. The committee brought together people of different backgrounds and political views to ensure diversity and inclusiveness in the Walk of Fame selection process.

Each individual recognized on the Walk of Fame comes from very different and diverse backgrounds. A plaque is dedicated to each of the Walk of Fame individual stating their name, their years of life and a very short statement about who they were. Most of them being residents, it is a mixture of government leaders, people who have led committees, humanitarians, artists, volunteers and many more. The first inductee to the Walk of Fame was Crosby Smith, who was a former Mayor and Tax Collector in Media. Another notable inductee is Nan Dutton who was the first citizen of Media whose plaque was installed in 2017. Nan passed away in 1951 but is remembered as an excellent representative of the community of Media whilst being a Newspaper correspondent for the Daily Times for close to 60 years.

There are two ways in which residents can be a part of the Walk of Fame. Residents are encouraged to recommend individuals for the walk of fame. The current committee comprised of Jane Rowland, Joan Hagan, Gale Whitaker, Frank Daly, and Paul Patchel consider all the recommendations that they receive. The committee is looking for people with a very strong connection to the Borough. In addition, all are welcome to join the borough for a ceremony held in the early fall at the Walk of Fame located at 4th and Jackson St. The ceremony celebrates the individuals being honored and their contributions to the quality of life in the Borough and celebrates their selection for the Walk of Fame. A short reception follows the ceremony at Borough Hall.

So be sure that the next time you are walking to the Borough Hall that you take a look down. Take a second and realize that the names of individuals that you see have had great impacts on everybody’s hometown Media!