What is in a Name? An Invitation to Name Media’s Newest Park

Submissions are closed for naming the park. Thank you to all who submitted! Borough Council’s Community Development Committee will select 3 to 5 finalists and submit them to a vote by our readership.  The winning name will appear on the park sign.

As spring gently unfolds across Media, and as layers and layers of green in all shades push from the ground towards the sky, the borough no longer looks like a barren wasteland but, now, a lush garden.

You may have noticed something new just below Veterans Square, south of State Street—a sitting garden extends down a block that was once all concrete sidewalk.   The construction fence is gone. The trees, shrubs and native plants, put in last fall and still dormant a month ago, are now unfolding into their full spring beauty.  People are discovering our new sidewalk park in the heart of downtown Media. With its multiple offerings for seating, it is a lovely place to pass the time quietly, chat with friends over a cup of coffee or eat lunch.

But what is the name of this park?  No sign yet calls attention to it. While we were planning and building it, we called it “Veterans Square Garden.”  Now we would like to turn the naming of the park over to you.

Do you like the current name? Is there another name you like better?  What do the people of Media want to call this new park?

Here are a few thoughts you might keep in mind as you ponder.  A name should:

  • Enhance a sense of community
  • Ensure that the park is easily identified and located  
  • Be consistent with the values and characteristics of Media
  • Be of a quality that serves the purpose of the borough in a permanent manner
  • Represent the best interests of the State Street District as well as the larger borough