Spring Energy Tips!

Here are just a few simple tips to improve the comfort of your home as warmer temperatures arrive, while also saving money on utility bills.

Inside Your Home:

  • Open Windows. Use the breeze at night to cool your home without switching on air conditioners.
  • Spring Clean Your Fridge. By removing unneeded and expired food, air will circulate more efficiently inside the fridge. Clear dust from the coils behind your fridge to reduce energy consumption.
  • Prep Your AC Unit. Check and replace your air filters regularly and schedule annual maintenance with a qualified technician.

Outside Your Home:

  • Grill Outside. Move the cooking outside on warm spring days to keep the heat out of your home.
  • Seal Air Leaks. Use low-cost caulk or weather stripping to keep warm air from seeping in.
  • Mow Grass 3 ½ Inches or Longer.  Keep grass stalks longer to help retain moisture and leave the grass clippings in place when you mow to act as a natural mulch.
  • Install Rain Barrels. Collect rainwater to use for your lawn & garden while reducing both your water bill and harmful runoff.