Meet the Board of Health

Media is known for its vibrant restaurants and lively food and drink scene. Media Borough residents and visitors alike love the great options for after-work drinks, a leisurely brunch for two, or a lively family dinner. But while you might be wondering about which local establishment is your best choice, you’re probably not thinking about what their kitchens look like or how food is handled.

No worries, Lori Devlin and the Media Board of Health are asking those questions for you. “We conduct about 160 inspections every year,” says Devlin. “Our primary responsibility is to make sure that the food establishments in the Borough are following proper sanitation procedures.”

This means visiting local restaurants, bars, schools, pools, snack bars, food fests, farmers market… really, any place that serves food, to ensure that facilities are safe.

“When we visit, we ask a lot of questions and talk to both owners/managers and staff. We talk about handwashing, food storage, food preparation and general sanitation. We are working to make sure that everyone is not only following the regulations, but that everyone is doing their part to ensure proper food safety procedures are followed.”

Eating, drinking and retail food establishment inspections in Delaware County are handled at the municipal level in 43 of the 49 municipalities. The Department of Agriculture performs inspections in the remaining six townships/boroughs.

The Board of Health is also responsible for addressing community health complaints. Animal bites and landlord/tenant issues concerning lead exposure or bedbugs are two examples of where the Board of Health’s authority is tapped.

“Our goal is to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Sometimes that means connecting residents to the correct local, state or county resource. Other times it means clarifying what their responsibility in the situation is and why that’s important from a community health standpoint.”