Meet Dave Favinger: Media Borough Code Enforcement Officer

FullSizeRMedia Borough is a great place to live, work and visit. It can be easy to take our borough’s picturesque tree lined streets and walkable neighborhoods for granted but behind Media Borough’s beauty are code enforcement officers who truly care about enhancing the overall public safety and welfare of everyone who lives, works, and visits the Borough of Media. Dave Favinger joined the Media Borough Code Enforcement team in June of 2016. He works with Jim Jeffery, Media Borough’s Code Enforcement Director, on code enforcement, fire investigations and code violations. Prior to joining Media’s code enforcement team, Dave worked for Parkside and Upland Boroughs as a fire marshall and property maintenance inspector.

Dave is certified in the International Building Code. Adopted by the United States in 2003, the International Building Code (IBC) addresses both health and safety concerns for buildings based upon prescriptive- and performance-related requirements. The code provisions are intended to protect public health and safety while avoiding both unnecessary costs and preferential treatment of specific materials or methods of construction.

You might see Dave around Media on the lookout for property issues. He inspects on foot or by car at least 5 or 6 times per week. Code violations that he spots are reported to the borough and the homeowner. These violations often include structural damage, high grass, property maintenance and broken sidewalks. For the most part, Mr. Favinger says that borough residents are very cooperative and work to fix the issues pretty quickly.

Dave says Media Borough is a great place, and he enjoys working with the residents to keep our neighborhoods safe. He urges residents to maintain sidewalks, keep grass cut, keep alleys clear and eliminate trash and clutter on their properties.