Coming in 2019: FPP Recycling!

One of the banes of existence for the avid recycler is having to throw into the trash wads and wads of plastic film materials – packaging, wrap, bags – that are not on anyone’s recycling list.  These materials are known as Flexible Plastic Packaging or FPP.  Recyclers, rejoice!  FPP recycling is coming to Media Borough in 2019!

Media Borough’s recycling hauler, J. P. Mascaro, has partnered with Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF) on a research program to pilot a single-stream curbside recycling program collecting flexible plastic packaging (chip bags, stand-up pouches, candy wrappers, retail bags and more), which will be processed at its Total Recycle facility.

Click Here to read about how FPP recycling works.

Total Recycle is now installing an optical sorter to recover FPP. The installation is set to be completed in spring of 2019.  Starting then, Mascaro will slowly add municipalities for FPP collection to their stream in phases.  Media is expected to be added late in the year; the schedule will be announced in the spring.

Through the program, Total Recycle is expected to produce 3,100 tons per year of high-quality postconsumer FPP feedstock for various end market uses.

The pilot is expected to generate data to help inform municipalities and the recycling industry on the most efficient and economical ways to recycle FPP. This will help convert used FPP materials, typically destined for disposal, into a bale that can be sold to a variety of buyers.

“This pilot project is important because, if successful, it will demonstrate that FPP can be recycled from the residential waste stream and marketed as a new recyclable commodity—rFlex,” Mascaro says.

For more on Total Recycle’s FPP expansion Click Here

For more on FPP recycling Click Here

The FPP pilot project collaborates with similar research in the UK (CEFLEX and REFLEX).  See:

PLEASE – NO FPPs in your green bins until the official announcement of the expanded program in late 2019.

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