Media Borough Code Enforcement Reminders

Media Borough Code Enforcement Reminders

The Media Borough Code Enforcement Department enhances the overall public safety and welfare of everyone who lives, works, and visits the Borough of Media by enforcement of all Borough Code (General Code) and reminds us to be aware of the following:

STORMWATER MANAGEMENT is required for most projects that increase the impervious coverage upon a parcel of land, whether for new development or residential/commercial additions/modifications. Guidance information for stormwater management requirements can be found under Chapter 251 of the Media Borough Code.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection also provides consumers with guidance in its “Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual.”

During the growing season, many residents take measures to enhance the quality of their lawn. When choosing pest control and/or fertilizing measures for their lawn, residents are urged to consider the fact that any runoff from their lawn makes its way rapidly into the 2 waterways that receive Media Borough stormwater discharge: Ridley Creek and Crum Creek. Click Here for  beneficial information on making choices for lawn care applications.

It is also important during the growing months and for fall yard clean up to remember not to rake lawn and tree clipping onto street. This clogs storm drains, is not good for the environment, and is in violation of Borough Code.

Also during the warmer seasons, residents may choose to wash their car in the driveway or on the street. As with lawn care agents, the soaps and/or solvents used in car washing make their way into Ridley and Crum creeks, often with very detrimental impact upon the creek ecosystem. Pennsylvania DEP guidance for environmentally sensitive car washing includes washing the car on grass or gravel or ideally taking it to a car wash where the wash water is recycled.

Although the focus of this article is upon the warmer seasons, stormwater management is a year round endeavor. Click Here for a stormwater planning guide that provides residents with guidance about activities that they can undertake year round to improve the water quality in our receiving waterways.

Lastly, in 2015 the Borough acquired a grant to fund a study that will investigate stormwater “hotspots” within the Borough and put forward recommendations for best management practices for these “hotspots”. In 2017 Borough Council approved a Stormwater Master Plan. Click Here to see the Stormwater Master Plan


Media Borough requires residents and/or contractors to submit a building permit for review prior to completing any work at the property. Review and processing time for a permit varies with the complexity of the job. Three to fourteen days are the average turnaround times for permit review.

WHEN IS A PERMIT REQUIRED? Any time one of these activities occurs a permit must be obtained:

  • construct or alter a structure
  • construct an addition to an existing structure (this includes decks)
  • demolish or move a structure
  • make a change in occupancy of a structure
  • placement of fencing
  • install or alter any equipment which is regulated by the building code Examples include:
    • heating equipment
    • air conditioning
    • Plumbing
    • electrical service
    • move a lot line, which affects an existing structure

Specific information related to “when is a building permit required” may be found on the Borough Website.


Under Section 253-20 of the Media Borough Code, property owners are charged with the responsibility to maintain in good repair the curbs and sidewalks abutting their property.

In areas where a Borough street tree has adversely impacted the sidewalk, Media Borough Council has implemented a financial assistance program to facilitate repairs.

To participate in this program, please contact Holly Speckhals, Administrative Assistant to the Code Enforcement Department at or 610-566-5210, Ext. 247 to schedule an appointment for a Borough representative to review your tree-sidewalk situation.

It is important to note that if a property owner wishes to receive financial assistance for a sidewalk repair involving a Borough street tree the Borough must approve the scope of work before any work is performed. Not only is sidewalk maintenance a code requirement, but it is also a prudent measure to protect the owner against civil litigation arising from a trip and fall on damaged sidewalk and/or curb.

Details of the Borough Code’s requirements for sidewalk maintenance may be found at

Lastly, while there is no fee for such a permit, a building permit must be obtained in order to insure that work complies with the construction standards in Chapter 253.

The application for a building permit may be accessed at