Finding Your Way Around Media: There’s a Plan for That!

Two years ago, Media Borough Council approved the Media Borough Wayfinding Plan, a system of signage, crosswalks, lighting and other features designed to make it easier for residents and visitors to find Media destinations and attractions. Developed by a team from Merje Environmental Graphic Design, the Plan offers design standards and strategic sign mapping that, once implemented, will provide valuable wayfinding tools to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike, and offer more organized and user-friendly ways to get around.  Under the guidance of Merje, the Borough held a series of focus groups with residents and business owners  to obtain input from the community.  The Plan, based on a careful analysis of existing conditions, details a system of strategically-placed signage whose font size, color and design are specifically geared for each location.

The Borough received two grants this year to implement the Plan. The grants will fund the construction and installation of wayfinding signage throughout the borough.  The grant project will also fund vividly colored, textured crosswalks at all 10 intersections on Baltimore Avenue and Providence Road.

The Wayfinding Project offers many benefits to Media Borough.  The project will make transportation safer and more efficient with clearly marked directional and locational signage, designed to be read at a glance, that bring travelers directly to parking and other destinations, avoiding frustrating search circles.  Shorter automobile trips mean less congestion and improvement of air quality.  Signage will be geared to pedestrians and bicyclists as well as car drivers, encouraging these modes of transportation and enhancing Media’s pedestrian-friendliness.  Vibrant  pedestrian crosswalks are more visible to drivers and have a traffic-taming effect;  they will make passage across Media’s two busiest streets safer and more comfortable for walkers in Media.

Together the two funding awards total $433,376.

The Wayfinding Plan was funded by a Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission Transportation and Community Development Initiative grant.  Implementation funding has been provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Multimodal Transportation Fund  and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Multimodal Transportation Fund.

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